Medewi Beach, the Best Surfing Place in West Bali

Bali is the epicenter of surfing in South East Asia. From the old to the young, from the beginner to the world-class professional, surfers love Bali. It’s because Bali is one of the only places on earth where you can find waves virtually every day of the year, waves of every variety and for every skill level.

If you want to experience arguably the longest and most mellow lefthand wave in Bali, you’ll have to travel about 90 minutes drive up to the west Bali along the Jembrana coast will bring you to Medewi Beach, best surfing place in west Bali. Medewi Beach is located about 75 kilometres west of Denpasar on the main south coast road, about 34 kilometres further west than the town of Tabanan. The place is still a little bit like Bali was when the first wave of travelers hit the island's shores in the mid1970s. Medewi Beach has spectacular sunsets. The beach is very rocky with some large flat grey stone boulders interspersed with pebbles and black sand. Not the best beach for sunbathing or lounging, but good for long quiet strolls.
The wave in Medewi Beach can be surfed by most all skill levels and is best when approaching high tide or just after. Always careful, as there are sharp rocks and sea urchins. You may want to spend the night there and enjoy a taste of real Bali, as it is still relatively untouched by tourism and a nice change from the frenetic pace of Kuta. Always bring your own equipment, as there are currently no surf shops or board rentals there.
The month of August is known as the best month every year for surfing in Bali especially Medewi Beach, so your timing is excellent.

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