Bias Putih, Virgin Beach in East Bali

One of East Bali's new discoveries, Bias Putih Beach, the imaginatively named White Sand Beach is one place you really need to spend a day or two. No hotels, no shops, a couple of quiet hawkers who will leave you alone if you require and a line of warungs selling delicious seafood and more. It is the place for relaxation and enjoyment.

It is one of Bali's most beautiful beaches. Located between Candidasa and Amlapura, the entrance to the beach road is well hidden, unless you receive specific instructions. A kilometer or so after the hamlet of Bugbug village you will see a small sign denoting "Virgin Beach".
Then a kilometer or two down a still rickety track (although the road is improving) through some lush and lavish countryside, of small villages and beautiful temples, brings you to a stand where you buy a ticket for 5,000 IDR (50 cents) to enter the beach. This is a local treasure and the local people need to make the best of it.

A strip of white sand leads to a brilliant blue sea. White umbrellas await guests and the atmosphere is tropical paradise. The fancy hotels on the east coast make special outings there for their guests complete with rather unneccesary picnic lunches and icy cold drinks.
No hotels mar the perfect peace of this 500 metre long beach. The waters are clear blue and the coconut palms provide shade and a picturesque factor. At the southern end, a line of fishing outriggers (jukung) show that this is still a working beach but left to the devices of the tourists for the best part of the day.
A few simple thatched warungs (small local restaurants) offer guests cold soft drinks and icy beer. You can dine on freshly caught fish or river prawns barbequed on coconut husk fires served with rice and vegetables or maybe a salad. There are also simple dishes available, like fried rice, cap-cay all carefully prepared. Take a walk along the beach, then spend an hour or two gazing at the turquoise sea while relaxing over a satisfying meal.

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